West Parry Sound Recreation and Cultural Centre Frequented Asked Questions.


Seven West Parry Sound municipalities – the Township of The Archipelago, Carling Township, McDougall Township, McKellar Township, the Town of Parry Sound, Seguin Township and the Municipality of Whitestone – as well as the First Nation communities of Wasauksing and Shawanaga are collaborating to build a recreation and wellness centre.

While preliminary draft designs were shared during the early stages of this project, those were strictly conceptual. CS&P Architects are currently working with project managers at Gordon and Gordon to finalize a design that is efficient, future-friendly, on budget and meets our community’s needs.

As of January 2023, the plan is to build a 25-metre, six-lane lap pool (contingent upon fundraising efforts), a warm water therapy/leisure pool and spaces for other recreational and cultural activities. 

CS&P Architects and Gordon and Gordon Group are currently working together to create an updated design that will include details about these spaces.

The West Parry Sound Recreation and Cultural Centre will be built at 36 Smith Crescent, Parry Sound, ON P2A 2W9.

On June 7, 2021, The Government of Canada announced over $12.7 million in funding for the construction of a new recreation facility in the Town of Parry Sound through the Community, Culture and Recreation Infrastructure Stream of the Investing in Canada plan. The Government of Ontario also committed to providing $10.6 million.

The upset limit (maximum cost) of the project is $31.8M and will be funded as follows:

The Government of Canada investment $12.7M (40%)

The Government of Ontario investment $10.6M (33%)

WPS Municipalities joint investment $8.5M (27%)*


 *Each participating West Parry Sound municipality has unique characteristics and local needs; therefore the amount that they will contribute will be based on population, number of households, taxable assessment and driving distance.

UPDATE: On December 14, 2023, the West Parry Sound Recreation and Cultural Centre agreed to proceed with plans to build a six-lane pool, contingent upon the Fundraising Committee raising the additional funds required which would maintain the upset limit for the project.